Côme - Years of Decline

Artist : Côme
Title : Years of Decline
Release date : July 25th 2017
Format : 12" + digital
Catalog ref. : RITP03
Art Direction : Yves Chapelain & Christopher Chiffoleau
Mastering : Helmut Erler, Dubplates

After two years of hiatus Ritual Process is back with a brand new opus. Côme the other half of the label first appeared in 2011, thriving on the musical radicalism and avant-garde of the electronic and industrial scenes of the 80/90’s.
Kerri LeBon, an artist, designer and DJ based in San Francisco, California, is resident and host of Discipline, an intimate night of individualist electronics. In productions and remixes, she fuses vocals to ardent, rhythmic experiments. Her DJ mixes have frequently featured digitally, as well as through physical release via Jealous God.
Our third EP "Years of Decline" opens with "Between Generation", an epic trippy track followed by the punchy noisy "Expel the Demon". The B side will take you to a shadowy world with the original version of "Fear" followed by Kerri LeBon’s astonishing remix.