Paulie Jan - Yukio, A brief sonic evocation

Artist : Paulie Jan
Title : Yukio, A brief sonic evocation
Release date : April 17th 2018
Format : K7 + digital
Catalog ref. : RITP05
Art Direction : Jeanne Birot-Lécareux and Yves Chapelain
Mastering : Daniele Antezza, Dadub Studio

Composed as a tribute to Japanese writer Y. Mishima, Yukio (A Brief Sonic Evocation) is structured in a symmetrical fashion around the emerging of the writer’s very own chosen self. Each piece is an evocation of a speculated narrative milestone of his life, mainly resting on the impossibility to draw anything but a mythological portrait of Mishima.
Ran by producer Nicolas Birot, "Paulie Jan" is one of those prolific project from the current Parisian scene that we’ve been following for a while. Obviously inspired by compositional techniques such as spectralism, Paulie Jan draws upon beautiful noisy ambiance and avant-garde rhythmic deconstruction to harsh technoïd concrete pounding.
If the use of modified or custom musical instruments (whether acoustic or electronic) and granular synthesis is a dominant feature in his music, it is however a typical processing of real sounds (field recording, foley sound) that can be found at the core of most compositional attempts.